Saturday, October 25, 2008

Less than a week to being homeowners!

As promised, here are some pictures taken this morning at the house. Unfortunately they were not completely done with fixing things, so I will have to wait until after the final walk-through to get the rest of the pictures! Some paint touch-ups, nicks, and the crown molding are still not completed yet. But here are some to show the painted front and back doors, the painted garage door, landscaping in front and back, the back hill cleared of brush, screened-in patio, carpeting, tile work in entryway, and appliances installed. Those are the main updates since the last set of pictures! Can't believe we're moving in less than a week! Okay, enough playing around on the computer... back to packing!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Punch List Walkthrough Complete!

Sorry I haven't had any updates in a couple weeks... we went by the house last weekend and they had laid the carpeting, but it was still covered with plastic so there really wasn't a way to get any good pictures of the color. We went today for our "punch list" walkthrough where we got to go around and point out any flaws... paint drips, paint on the trim, dents, scratches, nicks, etc. That was fun but exhausting. The first room we went through, the builder kept egging us on to find more things... so then we really went to town. He probably regretted that decision soon after making it! We pointed out everything! And as we walked out of one room, the painters were walking into it right after to fix the mistakes... which was nice, but led to me not being able to get any pictures due to all the people in there working! So I'm going to go by this weekend and get some more pictures... since it's pretty much done!! Exciting!

They have installed all the correct white appliances, fixed the tile in the entryway (which looks great... I just couldn't imagine it! Thanks to Jason, Chris, and Grandma for planting this idea!), laid carpeting, finished the screened-in patio, installed gutters, pressure-washed the house to clean the siding, laid sod all around the house, finished the landscaping with a few bushes and trees in the front and back of the house, and they even cleared all the brush on the hill in our backyard and spread grass seed and covered with hay! We were really surprised at that last part because we were under the impression that it would be our responsibility! It really made the backyard that much bigger once they cleared all that junk out of the way... Scott was thrilled he didn't have to do it!

The only problems were minor cosmetic issues, except a big chunk taken out of our bath tub... looks like they might have dropped a tool and it chipped it. They also didn't put up the crown molding in the kitchen, so they need to do that still. Then they need to patch some concrete and repaint some of the exterior trim above the garage that wasn't painted very straight. Other than that, it was all just paint and trim issues. Oh, and someone stole all of our lightbulbs! Weird. They put those compact fluorescent bulbs in all the fixtures and nearly all of them were missing... come on, a lightbulb, really?? Probably a neighbor wanting some spares for their house I suppose.

The final plumbing inspection was supposed to be this afternoon, and then the utility companies have to come out to install the meters within 72 hours. Since it's raining all day tomorrow, they probably won't be out until Monday. Once they're installed, we'll have our inspector come out and do a full inspection either on Tuesday or Wednesday... then we have our final walkthrough with the builder on Thursday morning. We close on Friday morning and the movers will move us that day! It will be a very nerve-wracking, exciting, and busy Halloween! :) I'll post pictures either Saturday or Sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Driveway is poured!

Just a quick update here. The major update this week was that they poured the driveway and the sidewalk areas. Our driveway is huge! You could fit at least 6 cars in it easily. We were not expecting it to be quite that long, and it is really straight too. Originally, they told us it would have to curve some to go around the utility boxes that are out front, but they were able to keep it straight... although it is really close to the boxes.

Other than that, we have mirrors and toilets in the bathrooms, the shower door is in place, and the shelves are installed in the laundry room, closets, and pantry. We also have a hot water heater and the pull-down attic ladder door in the garage is installed. Our kitchen sink has also been installed. Besides these things, they just cleaned up the floors in there and got rid of all their garbage. Here's some pictures!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Painted, Cabinets, and Light Fixtures in!

Okay, lots of pictures to choose from today... I'm going to try to limit them to show off as much detail in as few pictures as possible! Lots of things happening this past week! They painted all the rooms, installed cabinets in both bathrooms and the kitchen, installed fans in all rooms and above the porch... as well as installed the light fixtures and the fireplace mantel.

We have some appliances in place (dishwasher, and microhood, with the oven sitting in the living room), however they are the wrong color! Black is the standard appliance but I really wanted white ones so they had to special order them (weird, no?). We are still waiting for them to finish the tile as well. We now have the attic stairs in, front and back doors with handles/locks, and a garage door... although none of those are painted yet... they'll all be the dark brown to match the shutters.

The yard has been leveled all over, and they are starting to prep the driveway area. Also note that in the picture of the back patio, those pillars will not be there permanently... they're just providing support until they frame it for the screened-in part.

We go for our next inspection where we get to critique every minute detail in a few weeks. Our builder is not liking us very much right now. We sent him an email through our agent of some of the things that are wrong as of right now so that he could have a headstart on fixing them before we meet for our inspection. We thought we were doing him a favor, but I don't think he's too fond of us right now. We'll keep an eye on things in the next few weeks and see how it goes. Enjoy all the pictures, there are a lot! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is more like it...

Alright now, this is what I'm talking about! Scott has been in a training class at work all week, so he hasn't been in the area to go by and check on the house. Plus I've been working late all week and by the time I get out it's too late to go by the house because it'll be dark by then... and since we have no lighting that won't exactly work out for picture-taking. So today we're both off for the weekend and drove down to see if anything had been done. Boy, they've been busy this week! All the sheet rock is up in the house! Plus they've painted the exterior trim and shutters the correct color. We also have our ceramic tile in! Although they did forget that we paid to have it extended from the foyer into the kitchen, so we had to go tell our agent to make sure that they come back to tile that area before the carpeting goes in. They've started leveling the yard and driveway area out a little too. That's really all that's changed... enjoy some pictures!