Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is more like it...

Alright now, this is what I'm talking about! Scott has been in a training class at work all week, so he hasn't been in the area to go by and check on the house. Plus I've been working late all week and by the time I get out it's too late to go by the house because it'll be dark by then... and since we have no lighting that won't exactly work out for picture-taking. So today we're both off for the weekend and drove down to see if anything had been done. Boy, they've been busy this week! All the sheet rock is up in the house! Plus they've painted the exterior trim and shutters the correct color. We also have our ceramic tile in! Although they did forget that we paid to have it extended from the foyer into the kitchen, so we had to go tell our agent to make sure that they come back to tile that area before the carpeting goes in. They've started leveling the yard and driveway area out a little too. That's really all that's changed... enjoy some pictures!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Non-Update Update

As Monica pointed out, I haven't updated the blog like I said I would yesterday! Well, we've been going out to the house several times over the last week to see how it will look with the drywall up... and there's never been anything done! So we got a little nervous and talked to our very patient agent again to figure out why there hasn't been anyone there working. Turns out the inspector that was supposed to come out last week to do the framing inspection was on vacation! Doesn't he know he's not allowed to go on vacation when he needs to be inspecting our house?! ;) Oh well, he should be out this week to approve us and then they'll be able to start the drywalling process!

We were also forewarned (probably because we bug our agent at least once a week!) that they probably won't be doing a ton of work on it these next 2 weeks because they'll be wrapping up quite a few other houses that are closing at the end of September. Apparently it's the end of their fiscal year, so they're trying to get as many houses done as possible. After they're done with all the September ones, it's all about us... we're the only ones (as of now) closing in October! :) So I hope to have pictures soon, but there might not be too many updates in the next couple of weeks. Update you soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's been awhile...

Sorry it's been so long since my last update, but not much had been happening at the house. We didn't have any work done for about a week and a half due to some wind and rain headed our way from the hurricanes, but we finally have some blog-worthy news to report! This afternoon we had our first walk-through and frame review and got to meet our builder for the first time.

We finally have all of our brick and siding up, as well as the soffet, gutters, and the Tudor beams above the garage. The window above the garage is not the correct one, but ours is on back-order so they put this in as a filler for now. Also, the shutters, beams, and doors are not painted the final color yet which will match the trim... the dark brown. The third and last pictures of the siding are more accurate at showing the true color, it's like a taupe color. The one showing the siding next to the brick looks lighter than it really is, so look at the others for the true color.

All the insulation is in, the electrical, cable, and phone lines are ran, the plumbing is in place... it's starting to come together. After the city inspector comes out tomorrow, they will start on the sheet rock. We're now tentatively set to close on October 31st! Since the current interior pictures aren't too exciting (just showing boards and insulation) and I'm sure I'll have more pictures to follow soon once we get the sheet rock up, I'm only going to show the exterior updates from today! Expect some more interior shots this next Sunday!