Monday, September 15, 2008

A Non-Update Update

As Monica pointed out, I haven't updated the blog like I said I would yesterday! Well, we've been going out to the house several times over the last week to see how it will look with the drywall up... and there's never been anything done! So we got a little nervous and talked to our very patient agent again to figure out why there hasn't been anyone there working. Turns out the inspector that was supposed to come out last week to do the framing inspection was on vacation! Doesn't he know he's not allowed to go on vacation when he needs to be inspecting our house?! ;) Oh well, he should be out this week to approve us and then they'll be able to start the drywalling process!

We were also forewarned (probably because we bug our agent at least once a week!) that they probably won't be doing a ton of work on it these next 2 weeks because they'll be wrapping up quite a few other houses that are closing at the end of September. Apparently it's the end of their fiscal year, so they're trying to get as many houses done as possible. After they're done with all the September ones, it's all about us... we're the only ones (as of now) closing in October! :) So I hope to have pictures soon, but there might not be too many updates in the next couple of weeks. Update you soon!

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