Saturday, October 4, 2008

Painted, Cabinets, and Light Fixtures in!

Okay, lots of pictures to choose from today... I'm going to try to limit them to show off as much detail in as few pictures as possible! Lots of things happening this past week! They painted all the rooms, installed cabinets in both bathrooms and the kitchen, installed fans in all rooms and above the porch... as well as installed the light fixtures and the fireplace mantel.

We have some appliances in place (dishwasher, and microhood, with the oven sitting in the living room), however they are the wrong color! Black is the standard appliance but I really wanted white ones so they had to special order them (weird, no?). We are still waiting for them to finish the tile as well. We now have the attic stairs in, front and back doors with handles/locks, and a garage door... although none of those are painted yet... they'll all be the dark brown to match the shutters.

The yard has been leveled all over, and they are starting to prep the driveway area. Also note that in the picture of the back patio, those pillars will not be there permanently... they're just providing support until they frame it for the screened-in part.

We go for our next inspection where we get to critique every minute detail in a few weeks. Our builder is not liking us very much right now. We sent him an email through our agent of some of the things that are wrong as of right now so that he could have a headstart on fixing them before we meet for our inspection. We thought we were doing him a favor, but I don't think he's too fond of us right now. We'll keep an eye on things in the next few weeks and see how it goes. Enjoy all the pictures, there are a lot! :)

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Candace said...

All that worrying for nothing! The colors go great together!!!

I love the kitchen and bathrooms - countertops go very well with the cabinet color.

The light fixture is really pretty too!! Can't wait to see it in person. :)