Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's been awhile, but we are moved in -- here's proof!

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted! We closed and moved out the day that our lease was up on our apartment... nothing like cutting it down to the wire, right?! That was more than a bit stressful, even though we hired movers to do most of the work! We still made several trips with small stuff in the car, plus moving the cats once most things were unloaded into the house (furniture, etc.) and then cleaning up in the apartment. Craziness! Then my Grandparents came into town that evening. They stayed at a hotel that first night, which was good because we didn't know where anything was at this point! Then they came and spent a few more days with us at the house.

I warn you that it is still very much a work in progress. We're saving up to decorate it more in a year or two, but we've got the basics for now and we're just grateful to be out of apartment life and into a home of our own. We still need things like window treatments, new paint colors, and new furniture (everything but our bed and bedding is a hand-me-down from someone)! I've been getting asked how things look with furniture in the house, so I have a few pictures of the living room and kitchen areas to show off for now. Nothing from the bedrooms as they are really still a work in progress. Just beds and dressers in there, nothing really. So here's some pictures, enjoy!

Different Views of the Living Room

Our Built-in Shelves and Fireplace Mantel

Our Front Door Entry Area, Swirly Frosted Door Film, and Extended Tilework into Kitchen

Kitchen Nook

Kitchen Artwork from Ikea with frosted glass and herbs/spices (a steal for $10!)

Counters and Appliances

My cute country canisters from Cracker Barrel

Organization table w/ recipe books, coupons, menus, pens, etc.

Kitchen counter with silverware caddy and serving tray

View From Kitchen into Living Room

And just because it was random and I caught it on camera... there is a small object on the outside of our door's window. I opened it up to see what it was (mind you, it was pitch-black outside) and found it was a small green frog with little suction-cup hands. The cats had a lot of fun trying to figure this one out! I turned on the light outside to get a picture of him. Apparently this attracted a lot of bugs (mainly moths) and he scurried up to the top of the door and proceeded to eat them! I guess we can keep this little guy around since he's pulling his own weight! :)

Well, that's it for now. I'll get some more pictures up when I can of the bedrooms. Thanks for looking!


deloresslonealabama said...

enjoyed looking at all your pics. guess scott keeps the house so clean for you.:)i trained him good, HUH??

Candace said...

aaaahhhh.... thanks! I had finally just quit checking in (kinda like people have done with me blogs - LOL).

Nice to know you guys do still exist here in Alabama - sure do miss seeing you.

Candace said...

oops - "MY" blogs (not me blogs)

Didn't know I was Irish did ya?

Sunny said...

Scott does a great job at helping me keep the place clean. And in return, I never go into his room (aka the office). I've been so scared when I have gone in there, I just stopped. I guess that's part of the compromising that goes along with marriage??

And Candace, you do have some Irish in your ancestry according to PaPa! Now you're going to have to Irish up your language some, lassie!