Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Shudder if it's not Shutterfly!

I'd like to talk to you for a minute about my *favorite* photo-sharing site -- Shutterfly! When I got my very first digital camera, I began looking for a site where I could easily upload and share my photos without worry of them being lost or deleted. I eventually landed on Shutterfly! While it wasn't as big of a site then as it is now, I knew I could trust them with my memories. I first used them to upload all of our wedding photos from a CD so that I could easily share them with friends and family, as well as have the peace of mind knowing that if anything ever happened to that CD that I would still have access to all of my precious pictures! After all, there's no going back to repeat that day! :)

Now after 5+ years of marriage, we're finally "at that point" to start sending out holiday cards. Naturally, I turned to Shutterfly to see what sort of designs they have available. Check them out here... http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery There were so many options, it was a little overwhelming to an indecisive person like myself. ;-) But I do like having such a great selection to make sure I'm able to get exactly what I want! I like that you can see online proofs and play around with different photos to get exactly what you want. In my experience, they print out exactly as they appear online.

Another great holiday gift idea that several of my Mom friends have used for Christmas gifts are calendars! http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars You can personalize your calendar with special dates to let your friends or family know ahead of time that your birthday is just around the corner... and share seasonally-appropriate pictures of you and your family from month to month. It is a great, personalized, well-appreciated-by-Grandmas-worldwide type gift!

I know, I know, you're pressed for time! You just can't find the time to sit down and upload the hundreds of pictures you have sitting on your computer or your memory card. No fear! The Express Uploader is here to upload your pictures at 4x the speed of a normal uploader. It really is so easy. If you're not already a Shutterfly customer, I think you should highly consider signing up and trying it out. Go here to upload your photos and see exactly what I'm talking about: http://www.shutterfly.com/upload-pictures/

Thanks for indulging me on sharing just how much I LOVE Shutterfly... I recommend it to my friends and family all the time. The photobooks I made for our wedding and vacation photos have been the hit of the party and have made great gifts for the mothers and grandmothers in our lives. I hope you are just as satisfied, and truly consider giving them a looksie this holiday season! Happy Holidays!!

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