Monday, August 11, 2008

We've gone vertical!

Okay, here starts the good stuff... it's gone vertical! It's starting to actually look like a house!! We've been gone the past week to Ohio for Monica's wedding and just got back last night. Today we took off of work to recuperate from the trip and so we ran over to the house to see what progress might have been made while we were gone. It was only a week since the last set of pictures but it's amazing what we saw when we pulled up! We thought the slab would be poured, and *maybe* we'd have some framing. Never did I imagine they'd already be this far! Enjoy the pictures... I felt so bad for these guys standing on the "roof"... it was so hot and the sun was beating down on them while they held up all these boards. I don't envy their job at all, but we do appreciate them doing it!

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grammaesp said...

WOW!!!!!! ;If you want to see more work done quickly....keep coming back to Ohio.....That's a big surprise alright. Make sure you see any structural mistakes by taking photos along the way.{by grandpa] G @ G